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About Magnetar

Alex Hickey 

BA.Ed., BA.Art.Ed., MA.Art.Ed. (Technology in Education)


Alex Hickey has a background in the delivery and management of education. He has worked as a K-12 teacher, university instructor, school district program specialist and as a consultant at the provincial government level. He has also worked in upper management level positions and as manager of an online professional development entity for a teacher’s association.


In those capacities he has managed variable fiscal accounts including multimillion budgets and multi levelled staff. Many of these positions required inter-agency, inter-governmental and inter-provincial collaborations as well as extensive liaison with publishers and community organizations. He has developed a variety of curriculum for face-to-face and online delivery.


Alex is thoroughly familiar with instructional design for adult learning, technology integration into the workplace, online learning and the design of web-based services. He has expertise in program management, organizational planning and development, program development, implementation and assessment combined with a background in training and administration. He is skilled in facilitation, project management, strategic planning, presenting and communicating to diverse audiences.

Leon Cooper

B.Sc., B.Voc.Ed., M.Ed. (Instructional Design)


A founding member of Magnetar, Leon has a strong technological background.  As a secondary and post-secondary educator his focus was construction and industry, design and technological problem solving, and the convergence of information and computer technologies for design and development of solutions that span educational and business needs.  As an education consultant he designed, developed, and managed projects within and across the private, inter-agency, and inter-government sectors.

After joining the private sector in 2002, Leon has designed, developed and managed projects ranging from comprehensive multi-course learning programs to organization-wide information management, and decision-making systems.

Leon has extensive experience with strategic analysis and planning particularly in the identification and development of technology based solutions..

Terry Hickey



Terry’s experiences have contributed to a broad set of skills in facilitation, interpersonal and group communication, organizational analysis and evaluation. Terry understands the need to use language and concepts which clearly communicate ideas and knowledge to adult audiences. This understanding has been an integral part of successful facilitation in community and focus group consultations.


Terry also has extensive experience within the aboriginal community having conducted and managed a number of studies, evaluations and strategic plans. He has also worked with clients in the not-for-profit, public and private sector on such things as the development of business plans, conflict resolution, facilitation, proposal developments, partnership building, and organizational reviews. Terry has also facilitated team building, mediation, organizational development and program and process improvement.


Terry has an ability to sift through voluminous amounts of information in a short period of time to determine which aspects of the information are important and relevant to the subject under study.