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Magnetar provides custom learning solutions employing internationally recognized design methodologies. Learning solutions can range in scope from individual task-specific learning, to an organization-wide learning initiative.

Magnetar subscribes to a constructivist model of learning which is needs-based, client-driven, and authentic to the experience of the learner. It employs an instructional design process which addresses organizational goals and processes as well as competencies and knowledge to be acquired by individuals within the organization.

Magnetar employs instructional design models and methods which reflect client needs. These utilize appropriate learning strategies, align learning goals to organizational goals, and employ assessment and evaluation to determine program and learning effectiveness. Magnetar can build for any combination of face-to-face, on-line, or blended learning environments.

Client services include:

  • Research and Analysis of
    • Needs
    • Skills-gap
    • Readiness
    • Task and concept
  • Design and Development
    • Program framework
    • Programs, courses, and modules
    • Instructional design and content development
    • Assessment and evaluation
    • Field testing
  • Course Conversion
    • Apply instructional design methods to ensure optimal functionality
    • Convert content from traditional formats to on-line formats
  • Facilitation and Training
    • Consultation sessions
    • Workshops
    • Seminars
    • Tutorials
    • Train-the-trainer
  • Employee Certification Tracking